Rats! A Pop Quiz

“I am a rich man. I am a rich man. I am a rich man.”

When you post an article about how wealthy you are as a member of the ONE’s family, you can expect a test to arrive soon in real life. For me, this [Friday] morning became my pop quiz moment. And I failed. Miserably.

How much money caused me to blink? Eight dollars.

How much?


Yeah, I know. Isn’t that pathetic?

That’s the amount Ellen planned on spending for pizzas to feed her library helpers, her little girl herd in the children’s section.

“Suffer the little children to come unto Me.”

That’s what my Elder Brother said a long time ago. Well, I’ve got the suffer part down pat.

Moments like this morning remind me that my attitude is at times far from HOME. The ONE remains faithful and generous. He withholds nothing needed, nothing of real value, from me. As mentioned in the previous post, He lavishes gifts on us. He doesn’t even wait for us to be good. He just gives and gives and gives.

But me? I’m a miser (oddly enough the first five letters in miserable).

Why? Because at times I forget who I am and what I have thanks to my Elder Brother.

Which is why I had to repeat the mantra: I am a rich man. I am a rich man. I am a rich man. I needed the extra prompt to adjust my attitude, to refocus my heart on HOME and the ONE’s generous character. I do want to be like our DADDY.

The prompt, as lame as it sounds, helped.

I failed. But I also learned.

So now that I know better, what do I do next?

Honestly, I’m off to buy pizzas.

Question: How well has the ONE and your confidence in Him influenced your generous spirit?

About tnealtarver

I've traveled and spoken around the world but always love to come home. There I eat exceptional meals, drink coffee to my heart's content, and get loved like nowhere else on earth. I believe a community centered in Christ should be all that and so much more.
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1 Response to Rats! A Pop Quiz

  1. MARY Jeffries says:

    Sharing brings JOY…to us, to others….to God, our DADDY….ya, I just preached that sermon last week. But like you sometimes I forget. It is ok, most of the time, I can be generous with some people….but all the time, with everyone…well that’s hard, and it is even harder when it actually pertains to money and not time….or something else.
    thanks for the confession….it is good for the soul, and thought provoking….and a marriage….God Bless MJ

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