3 Truths to Remember When Life Gets Unsettling

I lost 30 pounds last year; found 10 of the lost little buggers this past winter.

I'm the heavy one on the far right.

I noticed losing the burden of even five pounds made a difference in how I felt. On the court (where it counts), I had an extra step. I oozed energy.

This summer at my lightest.

Carrying extra weight around isn’t limited to your pound of flesh. For me, it usually attaches itself to my thoughts in the form of financial worries. And with the release of Dark Eyes, Deep Eyes, sales thoughts can bury me under worry’s burden.

Is the book any good?

Am I doing enough to promote it?

What if I lose more money than I make on this venture?

Boxes of books, a sight both exciting and terrifying.

You probably haven’t had a novel debut recently (although, if you have, congratulations!), but I would venture to guess that you’ve felt the weight of worry.

What are my kids doing when I’m not there to protect them?

How will my business survive this economy?

What will the next series of elections bring?

What’s the price of gas going to be on my next road trip?

How will I cover the cost of [you fill in the blank here]?

A week ago, I especially felt anxiety’s knot wrapping itself around my gut. I was overwhelmed by the options and the opportunities. I was frustrated by an ongoing problem. I heard messages that told me what to do for my “business,” things I neither was doing nor understanding how to do.

And the weightiness of it all sunk my spirits lower …

… and lower …

… and lower …

… until I turned my mind and heart back to some basic truths.

Today’s events do not determine my future. Whatever happens today, for good or ill, has no bearing on my eternal future. It may mean whether I have a sense of accomplishment or not at the end of the day, but it doesn’t change where I’m going.

God secured my future through the work of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, both in the past and in the present. Book sales will not change that truth.

God remains seated on His throne. For me, this simple fact anchors my faith. God was seated on the throne “… in the year King Uzziah died …” which was a tumultuous time of change for the prophet Isaiah. That vision settled Isaiah’s fears about Israel’s future. It wasn’t determined by a king and his army but by God and His word.

I remain tucked away in Christ. I am, according to Scripture, a child of God. My identity determines my destiny. When I’m uncertain of my today, I can be certain of my future in Him.

I may screw up the book thing, the promotion thing, the husband thing, the daddy thing, the friend thing, and whatever else I am or do in this world. In fact, I know I will screw up, make mistakes, do dumb stuff, and generally mess up.

But I will never, ever be abandoned.


Because our Father says, “I will neither leave you nor forsake you.”

That truth helps steady my heart in its anxious moments.

I’m curious. When you feel unsettled in life or face a tough situation, what helps calm your soul?

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I've traveled and spoken around the world but always love to come home. There I eat exceptional meals, drink coffee to my heart's content, and get loved like nowhere else on earth. I believe a community centered in Christ should be all that and so much more.
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12 Responses to 3 Truths to Remember When Life Gets Unsettling

  1. I really like your post. I think I’ve screwed up on everything right now… but at least I know that I am not abandoned.

    • tnealtarver says:

      Thank you. I’ve been reading Andrew Murray’s book on intercession in the mornings. His last chapter emphasized that grace directs our lives from beginning to end. We don’t just get “saved” by grace, but we live life with grace every day. Graceful and grace-filled.

  2. When I feel unsettled in life or when facing a tough situation, reading verses I have highlighted in the book of Isaiah always uplifts and encourages me. I also use what I call writing therapy to work through any unsettling feelings and tough situations. The combination of these things helps refocus me on the three points you list in your post.

    Can I repost this post on my blog? I would do it next Tuesday. I really like the message in this post (as I do in all your posts actually), and I would like to post it on my blog too if possible. Of course, it would link back to your blog. I have done this a couple of times with other blogs, so I am just learning how to do it. Please let me know if you have a preferred process you would like me to follow.

  3. tnealtarver says:

    First of all, yes, Kari, feel free to repost. You bless me with the request and I feel honored to be asked. Secondly, I love Isaiah. For me, it beats with the heart of God all the way through the book. You have some excellent suggestions in dealing with those worrisome thoughts.

    • Awesome! I will reblog it this next Tuesday. Unfortunately, I am somewhat of an expert at dealing with worrisome thoughts. Not something I’m proud of. BUT, I am proud of the victory that has come out of that tendancy.

  4. Mary Jeffries says:

    Romans 8:28…transslated God takes the good, the bad, and the ugly of my life and polishes it, molds it, uses it to make me better… but whether I am a success or a failure in my eyes, or the eyes of anyone on this earth is not what matters. As long as I too remember I am a child of the almighty God who created heaven and earth and will prevail as he did before their creation, being faithful always, even when we are not. Yes Tom…you are God’s unique gift to us all….thanks God! I love my Texan brother in CHrist. Mary

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