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Today I Choose to Get in the Game

After two years of posting articles on a regular basis (2 to 3 times week, every week), I stopped.          I didn’t stop writing. At least, not entirely.           But I stopped posting.           I checked the date of my … Continue reading

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3 Steps to Connecting What You Know to What You Do

Nick slammed into the second baseman and the stadium reacted with stunned silence. A moment later the umpire signaled, “Out!” Then he tossed Nick from the game for unsportsmanlike conduct. The whole scene played out in a matter of moments … Continue reading

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The Royalty Check Is In the Mail … or Not!

Birthing a book isn’t easy. Like human conception, it has its moments of pleasure. But then the work and the worry arrive. “Award-winning author and good friend Susan May Warren motivated me first through shock therapy. She perused my literary … Continue reading

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Are You A Part of This Story?

“Tuesday was a fine California day, full of sunshine and promise, until Harry Lyon had to shoot someone at lunch.”—Dean Koontz, Dragon Tears When it comes to my all-time favorite first lines, this one stands atop my list. Right from … Continue reading

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My Novel “Dark Eyes, Deep Eyes” Debuts

Books don’t happen in a vacuum. They arise out of the every day interactions between people—conversations over coffee, new life celebrations, shared sorrows, letters and emails flying back and forth. Dark Eyes, Deep Eyes is no exception. You will find … Continue reading

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Meet Thee Author

This post is longer than usual and certainly different from my others, but stick with me on this one. I’m sharing more than the opening chapter to my book, Dark Eyes, Deep Eyes, currently wending its way through WestBow Press’s … Continue reading

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When Does Inspiration Come?

This week there will be loads of marvelous articles on being thankful. This is not one of them. Anything involving rhythm or great timing pretty much catapults me out of contention. My baseball career ended my sophomore year. I couldn’t … Continue reading

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What Comes In Must Go Out

The Jordan River flows into two seas, the Sea of Galilee and the Dead Sea, but only flows out of the former. I’d like to use that fact to illustrate an important life lesson, truly a matter of life and … Continue reading

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Crazy Talk

If you write fiction, chances are you’ll say, “Yeah! Exactly!” If you don’t, you’ll just think I’m nuts. The other day I interviewed one of my characters in a current work-in-progress. I needed to get a feel for Mary Ann … Continue reading

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