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Do This One Thing to Lower Healthcare Costs

Are You concerned about the rising cost of healthcare in America? In a moment, I will make one simple suggestion that, if applied, will help to make healthcare more affordable for you and those you love. But first … I … Continue reading

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3 Lessons Learned from A Glorious Failure

I had enjoyed the weekend with a house full of guests and a big activity scheduled each day for four straight days. But by Monday, I felt like the guy strutting around in a tailored tux only to discover his … Continue reading

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How to Strengthen Ties with Family and Friends During the Holidays

Ah, the holiday season is full upon us with one down and three to go. Haunting Halloween. Done! Happy Thanksgiving. Almost done! Merry Christmas. Just a smidgeon over a month away. Happy New Year. I’ll see your smidgeon plus one … Continue reading

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4 Helpful Hospitality Hints

Have you ever visited a small town diner where a few guys sat at the bar? The door opens, you step inside, and every head turns your direction. No one smiles. Cue up banjo music from Deliverance. How do you … Continue reading

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A Miser’s Conversion

“We’re going to have to spend a lot of money and you’re going to be mad.” Ellen said that to me earlier in the week and she believed it. Why? Because when we spend lots of money, I get nervous … Continue reading

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6 Top Posts in 2011 and 3 Things You Can Expect to Change

Okay, I’ll admit this is nothing unusual. When I went to a Houston Astros home game at Milwaukee’s Miller Park (1172.02 miles and 19 hours 42 minutes driving time from Houston’s Minute Maid Park according to MapQuest), that was unusual. … Continue reading

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