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3 Lessons Learned from A Glorious Failure

I had enjoyed the weekend with a house full of guests and a big activity scheduled each day for four straight days. But by Monday, I felt like the guy strutting around in a tailored tux only to discover his … Continue reading

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What Is Jesus Doing and Where Is He Doing It?

This is quick and simple. I’m curious as to what you’ll write. Think of Jesus in Scripture. What is He doing? Where is He doing it? I’m going to leave my answer in the comment section but here’s a hint. … Continue reading

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Expect to Take Action on What You Hear

No music. No story. No headphones strapped to my noggin. I had forgotten to pack the iPod for my daily constitutional (i.e., walk with my thieving hound dog), and my forgetfulness left me with loads of uninterrupted thought time. The … Continue reading

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