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Do I Look Good In White?

White! That’s the only color available? And robes? What is this a health spa? In Revelation 7, John the Apostle describes a scene in heaven. After this I looked, and there before me was a great multitude that no one … Continue reading

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For A Bunch of Dumb Dogs, They’re Pretty Smart

Bounced in the meadows. Ripped through the underbrush. Splashed in the creek. I released the hounds and they… …bounced. …ripped. …splashed. Daisy and Lily, two yellow labs, joined my pup Penny and me on a hike through the woods and … Continue reading

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You Don’t Want Me Around? Okay, Fine!

“Tom, you need to stay away from Sherry.” “Why?” “Because she says she doesn’t like you.” “But why?” “I don’t know. She just doesn’t.” That’s a scene from my college years. I remember the conversation but not who told me … Continue reading

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