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What Is Jesus Doing and Where Is He Doing It?

This is quick and simple. I’m curious as to what you’ll write. Think of Jesus in Scripture. What is He doing? Where is He doing it? I’m going to leave my answer in the comment section but here’s a hint. … Continue reading

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4 Ways to Be a Neighbor to Those Closest to Us

Dead at 56. That’s what caught my attention. The number. The description. Steve Jobs died of pancreatic cancer last week. Even if you don’t know who he is, you’re familiar with his creations. Apple. IPhone. Mac computers. Pixar. “Toy Story.” … Continue reading

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What Do You Say to the Nice Millionaire Man?

What do you do with a Muslim millionaire who helps people in a positive way? How do you treat him? What do you say to him? Can you expect to see him at the table when you arrive HOME? Two … Continue reading

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