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“The Burials of These Babies”

“We interrupt the regularly scheduled programming to bring you breaking news from Newtown, Connecticut.” We’ve all heard the tragic news from last Friday’s shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary. In a matter of moments, twenty-six souls stepped out of time and … Continue reading

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3 Observations About an Encounter With the Living God

What if you alone survived a horrific accident? What if, during the three days you remained in a coma, you glided into eternity then later awoke to find yourself in a hospital bed with no recollection of the past 72 … Continue reading

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Some Days the Dawn Can’t Come Soon Enough

Gloom. Distress. Darkness. Deep darkness. Depths-of-despair darkness. Depths-of-despair-can’t-stop-the-tears darkness. For the shackled prisoner… …and the grieving widow… …and the abused child… …and the bankrupt businessman… …and the abandoned bride… …and the soldier far from home… …and the lost soul… For … Continue reading

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Can We Learn Anything While in the Dark?

Prior to my trip to the Middle East, I’d heard a great deal about Hezekiah’s tunnel. At least two friends who’d visited Jerusalem said, “Oh, you’ve got to walk Hezekiah’s tunnel.” With half interest, I listened about their adventures and … Continue reading

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