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Are You Playing in the Spiritual Kiddie Pool?

You can have a relationship with Christ without the baggage of Christian community (i.e., church). You just won’t go very deep in Him without it. Last post, Kari Scare said in the comments section: “It seems like we [Christians] feel … Continue reading

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4 Traits to Cultivate for Community Health

I’ve noticed in my travels four common traits across cultures. To be a healthy, viable culture, I believe all four need to be present. Humor. I exchanged jokes with a Russian friend while my family and I lived in Khabarovsk, … Continue reading

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What’s Your Pleasure?

“Morning sex on Sunday is better than church.” Bill Maher said that. Okay, I have three things to say in response to Maher. One, I don’t disagree with him. Two, but I see sex and church as two distinctly different … Continue reading

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