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A Tale of Two Flight Attendants

In reading two blog articles (in fact, one right after the other), both authors commented about flight attendants. Jeff Goins wrote, “Not too long ago, I was traveling and came across a rude flight attendant. This woman was clearly jaded … Continue reading

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Does Your Competitive Streak Sometimes Kill the Joy of Community?

I got greedy. I wanted to end the morning with a win. Let the band strike up, “We Are the Champions,” because we’re marching into the weekend as the victors. We’d won every game of the morning’s basketball session. One … Continue reading

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What Does the Bible Say About Wearing Red Shirts?

In fiction you have main heroes, rounded characters, and flat ones. An example of a flat character is the Star Trek guy in a red shirt. You know the one. Recon party goes to Planet X to investigate some mysterious … Continue reading

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A Christmas Classic?

Thanks to a traveling-in-the-car conversation with my friend Chuck, I connected a classic film with a good Christmas message. Are you talking about “What a Wonderful Life?” Nope! How about “White Christmas?” Nope! “Miracle on 34th Street?” I like the … Continue reading

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Some Days the Dawn Can’t Come Soon Enough

Gloom. Distress. Darkness. Deep darkness. Depths-of-despair darkness. Depths-of-despair-can’t-stop-the-tears darkness. For the shackled prisoner… …and the grieving widow… …and the abused child… …and the bankrupt businessman… …and the abandoned bride… …and the soldier far from home… …and the lost soul… For … Continue reading

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Does “Happy Holidays” Make Your Christian Blood Boil?

Merry Xmas! Seasons Greetings! Happy Holidays! Happy Hannukah! …Kwanzaa! …Boxing Day! I’m sure you could add to the list. In doing a quick on-line search, I discovered two more special days that I like—Bake Cookies Day (December 18th) and National … Continue reading

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Knock, Knock!

Knock, knock. Who’s there? When you open the door, your excitement level depends on the answer to the above question. How would your insides respond to this list of characters? A uniformed police officer, lights flashing in the background. A … Continue reading

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“I don’t need the blood of any man to save me.” I’ll elucidate on that statement in a moment but let me share a story first. Years ago, two men studied at a seminary (one more so than the other). … Continue reading

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Today’s Gritty Reality or Tomorrow’s Smooth Sailing?

As I wrote a few days ago, Ellen and I look at the Jimmy parked in the sand and have two different thoughts. Ellen sees the picture and imagines the SUV’s passengers walking on the beach.  Her thoughts on this … Continue reading

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What Do You Say to the Nice Millionaire Man?

What do you do with a Muslim millionaire who helps people in a positive way? How do you treat him? What do you say to him? Can you expect to see him at the table when you arrive HOME? Two … Continue reading

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