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Stop Going to Church!

“When we stopped going to church …”           There’s more to that statement, and I’ll complete the sentence in a moment.           Going suggests a place, and, when we go somewhere, we usually have a reason. I go to the … Continue reading

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The Weight of Jesus’ Identity and My Response to Him

In the comment section, a reader wrote, “Jesus was one of the greatest ever born. I am fascinated by the improvements and additions he made to the already existing ideals, but he created complications by claiming to be incarnation or … Continue reading

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Do You Need to Drop “the Weight of Christianity”?

On a long road trip, I listened to an audio version of Zorro: A Novel by Isabel Allende. Toward the novel’s end, Zorro’s mother throws off “the weight of Christianity” and returns to her Native American ways. What in Heaven’s … Continue reading

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One Assignment You Need to Get Right

I’d like to make Jesus’s words more difficult to understand than they really are. I’d like to say, “Boy, that Jesus—He sure is smart. In fact, He’s so smart I don’t understand half of what He’s talking about.” I’d like … Continue reading

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When Did My Faith Become A Job That Sucks?

Mitch Elliott looked pretty in pink when I stopped to talk to him. That Sunday afternoon included a lot of firsts. My first visit to Warner Park, home of the Madison Mallards (Doesn’t that name send a chill down your … Continue reading

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How Well Would Jesus Do As A Barista?

Let’s be honest. When we picture Jesus, the Son of God, we often draw him as an ascetic monk who spent most of his time reading, memorizing the Scriptures, praying, and hiding out in remote places. To be sure, Jesus … Continue reading

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3 Truths to Remember When Life Gets Unsettling

I lost 30 pounds last year; found 10 of the lost little buggers this past winter. I noticed losing the burden of even five pounds made a difference in how I felt. On the court (where it counts), I had … Continue reading

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