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What’s Your Pleasure?

“Morning sex on Sunday is better than church.” Bill Maher said that. Okay, I have three things to say in response to Maher. One, I don’t disagree with him. Two, but I see sex and church as two distinctly different … Continue reading

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3 Observations About an Encounter With the Living God

What if you alone survived a horrific accident? What if, during the three days you remained in a coma, you glided into eternity then later awoke to find yourself in a hospital bed with no recollection of the past 72 … Continue reading

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Would You Still Choose to Live the Life of Believer If …

What if you knew the way to heaven was forever barred from you … You knew that you’d screwed up enough that you’d get nowhere near the presence of a holy God … I’m curious. Would you still choose to … Continue reading

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Do I Look Good In White?

White! That’s the only color available? And robes? What is this a health spa? In Revelation 7, John the Apostle describes a scene in heaven. After this I looked, and there before me was a great multitude that no one … Continue reading

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When the Dog Licks Your Leg, You Better Run

Let me begin with the fact that a house blew up in our community the spring before we moved into town. Gas! Boom! No laughing matter here. Today I smelled gas—a strong-headache-inducing-dog-licking-my-leg-overpowering odor. I let the dog out before I … Continue reading

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What Language Does the ONE Speak?

The stairway I climb is narrow… Confining. Tight. As I wind my way upstairs, I notice a big red metal box attached to a wall on each floor. It’s a can’t-miss-it sight (although I’ve been up and down these stairs … Continue reading

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2 Examples of What I’m Not

“You have the right to remain silent.” Hearing those words directed toward you tends to bring an unexpected gravity to life. I knew I just might be in serious trouble and the day, as bad as it had already been, … Continue reading

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