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Meet Thee Author

This post is longer than usual and certainly different from my others, but stick with me on this one. I’m sharing more than the opening chapter to my book, Dark Eyes, Deep Eyes, currently wending its way through WestBow Press’s … Continue reading

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A Christmas Classic?

Thanks to a traveling-in-the-car conversation with my friend Chuck, I connected a classic film with a good Christmas message. Are you talking about “What a Wonderful Life?” Nope! How about “White Christmas?” Nope! “Miracle on 34th Street?” I like the … Continue reading

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When Does Inspiration Come?

This week there will be loads of marvelous articles on being thankful. This is not one of them. Anything involving rhythm or great timing pretty much catapults me out of contention. My baseball career ended my sophomore year. I couldn’t … Continue reading

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Applying Pleasure to a Problem

Ellen and I were driving toward home when we made an important decision. Prior to that decisive moment, Ellen had wrestled with guilt (“I should stay”) and duty (“but I’ve got work to do at home”). Not exactly the easiest … Continue reading

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On This Date Ten Years Ago

Tears surprise me as I watch. The feelings buried return with the images. I want to forget. I cannot. The date will not release me. 9-11! (Click here to view a YouTube video of initial news reports). I thought I’d … Continue reading

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Do You Google For Friends?

Toby died! How? What? But, hey, wait a doggone minute there, buster! Grrrr!!! I started and stopped listening to the audio recording of A Dog’s Purpose within the first hour. The story surprised me. The twist angered me. I would … Continue reading

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What Do You Say to the Nice Millionaire Man?

What do you do with a Muslim millionaire who helps people in a positive way? How do you treat him? What do you say to him? Can you expect to see him at the table when you arrive HOME? Two … Continue reading

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A 3-D Relationship with God: Difficult, Dangerous, and Disheartening

Bang. Miss. Bang. Miss. Bang. Bang. Miss. Miss. Bang. Bang. Bang. Miss. Miss. Miss. Dang! Dang! Dang! If I had to hunt for a living, I’d starve. I started thinking about the ONE and failure on a Saturday after an … Continue reading

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Where Do I Find the ONE?

Four quarters divide up the ancient portion of Jerusalem—Jewish, Muslim, Christian, and Armenian. Let me admit I have no idea what the Armenian quarter is other than a name on the map and a section inside old Jerusalem’s city walls. … Continue reading

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What Happens in a Distant Country?

After he had gone through all his money, there was a bad famine all through that country and he began to hurt. He signed on with a citizen there who assigned him to his fields to slop the pigs. He … Continue reading

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