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Hospice Comes to Our Home

For almost two weeks now, Ellen and I have been involved in dealing with a loved one’s imminent death. Her 90-year-old mother fell and broke a hip. Ever since, the family has gone from one crisis to the next. We’d … Continue reading

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Do You Need to Drop “the Weight of Christianity”?

On a long road trip, I listened to an audio version of Zorro: A Novel by Isabel Allende. Toward the novel’s end, Zorro’s mother throws off “the weight of Christianity” and returns to her Native American ways. What in Heaven’s … Continue reading

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When a Setback Sets Us Up For Something Better

Imagine with me for a moment that you want to buy a new home. You know the price you’re willing to pay and the area you’re willing to move into. You circle two houses in the paper that meet your … Continue reading

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Are You Playing in the Spiritual Kiddie Pool?

You can have a relationship with Christ without the baggage of Christian community (i.e., church). You just won’t go very deep in Him without it. Last post, Kari Scare said in the comments section: “It seems like we [Christians] feel … Continue reading

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4 Traits to Cultivate for Community Health

I’ve noticed in my travels four common traits across cultures. To be a healthy, viable culture, I believe all four need to be present. Humor. I exchanged jokes with a Russian friend while my family and I lived in Khabarovsk, … Continue reading

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Would You Talk To A Stranger?

As my brother Roger’s wife, daughters, and grandchildren tumbled out of the hospital elevator, an older couple watched the small kids dash by and head into the chapel. The man asked Sheena, “Do they know what that room is?” “Yes, … Continue reading

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Do You Know the Number One Rule?

I’d forgotten the number one rule. On a Saturday morning, I’d gone to a driving range to hit a bucket of balls. After choosing my bucket size (the middle choice), I went out, set up, and started swinging my big … Continue reading

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