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When We Invite People Into Community, What Are We Wanting Them to Experience?

Have you ever seen a group of people you wished you could join but you were a stranger, an outsider looking in? I remember an American Christian Fiction Writers banquet held in Minneapolis (the one in Minnesota). A room divider … Continue reading

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What’s Your Pleasure?

“Morning sex on Sunday is better than church.” Bill Maher said that. Okay, I have three things to say in response to Maher. One, I don’t disagree with him. Two, but I see sex and church as two distinctly different … Continue reading

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What Is Jesus Doing and Where Is He Doing It?

This is quick and simple. I’m curious as to what you’ll write. Think of Jesus in Scripture. What is He doing? Where is He doing it? I’m going to leave my answer in the comment section but here’s a hint. … Continue reading

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Can Angels Be Christian?

Can angels be Christian? I’m not asking if they can be saved, redeemed, washed in the blood, baptized, regenerated, or pray a prayer to receive Jesus into their hearts. But if books … … businesses … … buildings … … … Continue reading

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