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Why I Need to Listen to My Wife (and Other Wise People)

This sucks. Oh, really? Yes, really. Why do I have to wrestle with doing the right thing? Why can’t I just play basketball, enjoy the exercise, and go home? Why do I have to fight this on-going internal civil war … Continue reading

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Does Your Competitive Streak Sometimes Kill the Joy of Community?

I got greedy. I wanted to end the morning with a win. Let the band strike up, “We Are the Champions,” because we’re marching into the weekend as the victors. We’d won every game of the morning’s basketball session. One … Continue reading

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Had an Oh-Wow! Moment Lately?

My friend Tom had an Oh-wow! moment this morning during a basketball game. You recognize those moments in life. Perhaps you’ve experienced them. I did on Monday morning. Friend Tom did this morning. An Oh-wow! moment is when you do … Continue reading

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