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When Did My Faith Become A Job That Sucks?

Mitch Elliott looked pretty in pink when I stopped to talk to him. That Sunday afternoon included a lot of firsts. My first visit to Warner Park, home of the Madison Mallards (Doesn’t that name send a chill down your … Continue reading

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3 Helpful Hints to Doing Your Job Well

Caesar, our Brazilian foreign exchange student, slumped and slowed. In his last at bat of the season, he slapped a low line drive to the shortstop who caught the ball and held it up to show the umpire. I said, … Continue reading

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3 Steps to Connecting What You Know to What You Do

Nick slammed into the second baseman and the stadium reacted with stunned silence. A moment later the umpire signaled, “Out!” Then he tossed Nick from the game for unsportsmanlike conduct. The whole scene played out in a matter of moments … Continue reading

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4 Benefits of a Healthy Community

Josh Hamilton hit four homeruns on Tuesday night. Some of you are asking … Who’s Josh Hamilton? What do homeruns have to do with Christian community? What’s a homerun? (Well, probably no one’s asking this question; and if you are, … Continue reading

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3 Smart Lessons I’ve Learned from Dumb Mistakes

As I spoke to our player on first, “Watch the pitcher,” the pitcher he was supposed to watch picked him off. Why? Because the first-base coach (that would be me) distracted his own base runner. Sheesh! I’ve got a lot … Continue reading

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Your Chance to Brag and My Top 5 Posts in March

My friend Chuck and I watched the Kansas-Kentucky college basketball championship game last night. Not exactly a game for the ages, but congratulations to Coach John Calipari and his Wildcats for a game well played. We may not all have … Continue reading

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How Does the Past Affect the Present?

Okay, I’ve now officially moved into creepy-stalker-guy status. Let’s start with the where. Kaufmann Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri, home of the Kansas City Royals. Now for the official disclaimer. I become an 8-year-old the moment I step near a … Continue reading

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