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If You Started a New Community, Where Would You Begin?

My friend Josh and I talked about community over a meal at our local Culver’s Restaurant. Out of that conversation, three truths emerged about a sustained presence in community. Begin with passion. This isn’t anything new. I’ve written about this … Continue reading

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Community Done Wrong Is Alright

Seth Godin wrote, if you want to be a great writer, you need to write poorly and continue writing poorly until you write better. In relation to living in Christian community, I’d encourage you to get community wrong and keep … Continue reading

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Essential Elements of Christian Community

Today’s guest blogger is Kari Scare from Struggle to Victory. She’s currently teaching a class in her home church that lines up well with the theme at Curious. You can learn more about Kari here. Healthy Christian Community A healthy … Continue reading

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Helping to Clear Up A Guest’s Confusion

Have you ever stood in someone else’s kitchen and wondered where they kept their cups? In my recent trip to Texas, I wondered that each time I stayed with family or friends (a total of 5 homes in 2-1/2 weeks). … Continue reading

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When a Setback Sets Us Up For Something Better

Imagine with me for a moment that you want to buy a new home. You know the price you’re willing to pay and the area you’re willing to move into. You circle two houses in the paper that meet your … Continue reading

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