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Small Town Triples in Size Overnight!

How does a city, population 5184, triple its size in a matter of days? It hosts a country music festival. Here are some observations about our local festival, Star-Spangled Celebration, and how they apply to Christian community. Consistency is important. … Continue reading

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Does Playboy Influence Your View of Christian Community?

In some ways, fantasy shapes my view of Christian community (kind of like Playboy shaped my young impressionable mind about male-female relationships). And some of my dreams are shaped by Scripture (a better starting place but it still may involve … Continue reading

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4 Qualities of a Healthy Community

For a second time this week, I ask, “Why does the Isaac’s Live Lip-Dub Proposal video make me think of Christian community?” Because it demonstrates a loving community that is … 1)      Creative—to me, this is brilliant and fresh. Scripture … Continue reading

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Why Does This Video Make Me Think of Christian Community?

I’m guest posting today at Struggle to Victory.   I watched this video a few weeks ago. It made me smile. It made me mist up. It made me think of Christian community. Why? I’m curious to know what you … Continue reading

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How Well Would Jesus Do As A Barista?

Let’s be honest. When we picture Jesus, the Son of God, we often draw him as an ascetic monk who spent most of his time reading, memorizing the Scriptures, praying, and hiding out in remote places. To be sure, Jesus … Continue reading

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3 Helpful Hints to Doing Your Job Well

Caesar, our Brazilian foreign exchange student, slumped and slowed. In his last at bat of the season, he slapped a low line drive to the shortstop who caught the ball and held it up to show the umpire. I said, … Continue reading

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3 Steps to Connecting What You Know to What You Do

Nick slammed into the second baseman and the stadium reacted with stunned silence. A moment later the umpire signaled, “Out!” Then he tossed Nick from the game for unsportsmanlike conduct. The whole scene played out in a matter of moments … Continue reading

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