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Would You Talk To A Stranger?

As my brother Roger’s wife, daughters, and grandchildren tumbled out of the hospital elevator, an older couple watched the small kids dash by and head into the chapel. The man asked Sheena, “Do they know what that room is?” “Yes, … Continue reading

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The Royalty Check Is In the Mail … or Not!

Birthing a book isn’t easy. Like human conception, it has its moments of pleasure. But then the work and the worry arrive. “Award-winning author and good friend Susan May Warren motivated me first through shock therapy. She perused my literary … Continue reading

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Asking a Dumb Question Is Better Than No Question At All

I said, “So what YouTube video would you recommend?” The man said, “None.” His physical response to my question (picture someone biting into a lemon when he thought it was a peach) suggested I had asked a dumb question. But … Continue reading

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4 Benefits of a Healthy Community

Josh Hamilton hit four homeruns on Tuesday night. Some of you are asking … Who’s Josh Hamilton? What do homeruns have to do with Christian community? What’s a homerun? (Well, probably no one’s asking this question; and if you are, … Continue reading

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The Two Things That Happen When We Talk

My brother Wayne and I strolled along one of my favorite places in the world—the San Antonio Riverwalk. As we walked, we talked, and, as we talked, we remembered. Square dancing … Mexican food … Rooftop swimming pools … And … Continue reading

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Do You Know the Number One Rule?

I’d forgotten the number one rule. On a Saturday morning, I’d gone to a driving range to hit a bucket of balls. After choosing my bucket size (the middle choice), I went out, set up, and started swinging my big … Continue reading

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