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Buddha’s 3 Essentials for Happiness

Dick Van Dyke in his book My Lucky Life In and Out of Show Business addresses the three essentials to a happy life according to Buddha. You need to find a work to do. You need to find something to … Continue reading

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3 Smart Lessons I’ve Learned from Dumb Mistakes

As I spoke to our player on first, “Watch the pitcher,” the pitcher he was supposed to watch picked him off. Why? Because the first-base coach (that would be me) distracted his own base runner. Sheesh! I’ve got a lot … Continue reading

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2 Sentences You Don’t Want to Hear … Together!

I forget most of the conversation between a trout fisherman and me, but I remember two sentences quite well. He said, “I’m pissed.” Then he said, “I’ve got a pistol.” Oh, great! A pissed-off, pistol-packing person. Now how am I … Continue reading

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I Bet You Stop the Story Too Soon

Easter (which I prefer to call Resurrection Day but I won’t lose sleep over it if you don’t) is an epic story. God comes to earth in human form (i.e. Jesus), talks about a coming kingdom, heals folks, blesses children … Continue reading

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Are You A Part of This Story?

“Tuesday was a fine California day, full of sunshine and promise, until Harry Lyon had to shoot someone at lunch.”—Dean Koontz, Dragon Tears When it comes to my all-time favorite first lines, this one stands atop my list. Right from … Continue reading

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Holy Week Thoughts and Observations

Foreshadowing! “The act of providing vague advance indications …”* You’ve experienced this if you’ve followed a story, whether cinematic or literary. In Back to the Future, a woman hands Marty McFly a “Save the Clock Tower” flyer. That exchange foreshadows … Continue reading

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Your Chance to Brag and My Top 5 Posts in March

My friend Chuck and I watched the Kansas-Kentucky college basketball championship game last night. Not exactly a game for the ages, but congratulations to Coach John Calipari and his Wildcats for a game well played. We may not all have … Continue reading

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