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Do You Love People and Use Things or Love Things and Use People?

My friend Jon has Ice-Breaker Friday at his blog Jon Stolpe Stretched. He recently asked, “If you could make a playlist of your favorite songs, what five songs would make the list?” I answered then read other people’s answers. Later … Continue reading

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Are You Making Enough Money to be A Good Christian?

Face turning red, eyes narrowing, the older man said, “You’re not a real Christian if you don’t live up to your potential. The more money you make the more you can give.” After our dinner conversation, I reflected on the … Continue reading

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When We Invite People Into Community, What Are We Wanting Them to Experience?

Have you ever seen a group of people you wished you could join but you were a stranger, an outsider looking in? I remember an American Christian Fiction Writers banquet held in Minneapolis (the one in Minnesota). A room divider … Continue reading

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3 Truths to Remember When Life Gets Unsettling

I lost 30 pounds last year; found 10 of the lost little buggers this past winter. I noticed losing the burden of even five pounds made a difference in how I felt. On the court (where it counts), I had … Continue reading

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A Plea for More Prayer

“Ceasing from prayer is sin against God.” Andrew Murray makes that bold assertion in his book, The Ministry of Intercession: A Plea for More Prayer. And my response? Ouch! For a little more context, let me add the biblical quote … Continue reading

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What’s Your Pleasure?

“Morning sex on Sunday is better than church.” Bill Maher said that. Okay, I have three things to say in response to Maher. One, I don’t disagree with him. Two, but I see sex and church as two distinctly different … Continue reading

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3 Observations About an Encounter With the Living God

What if you alone survived a horrific accident? What if, during the three days you remained in a coma, you glided into eternity then later awoke to find yourself in a hospital bed with no recollection of the past 72 … Continue reading

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My Novel “Dark Eyes, Deep Eyes” Debuts

Books don’t happen in a vacuum. They arise out of the every day interactions between people—conversations over coffee, new life celebrations, shared sorrows, letters and emails flying back and forth. Dark Eyes, Deep Eyes is no exception. You will find … Continue reading

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Why I Need to Listen to My Wife (and Other Wise People)

This sucks. Oh, really? Yes, really. Why do I have to wrestle with doing the right thing? Why can’t I just play basketball, enjoy the exercise, and go home? Why do I have to fight this on-going internal civil war … Continue reading

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