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The 2 Greatest Days in a Person’s Life

John Maxwell, on his birthday, said, “There are two great days in a person’s life. One, the day they were born. And second, the day they discovered why.” In Dark Eyes, Deep Eyes* (yes, this is a shameless promo but … Continue reading

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Would You Still Choose to Live the Life of Believer If …

What if you knew the way to heaven was forever barred from you … You knew that you’d screwed up enough that you’d get nowhere near the presence of a holy God … I’m curious. Would you still choose to … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Flight Attendants

In reading two blog articles (in fact, one right after the other), both authors commented about flight attendants. Jeff Goins wrote, “Not too long ago, I was traveling and came across a rude flight attendant. This woman was clearly jaded … Continue reading

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Does Your Competitive Streak Sometimes Kill the Joy of Community?

I got greedy. I wanted to end the morning with a win. Let the band strike up, “We Are the Champions,” because we’re marching into the weekend as the victors. We’d won every game of the morning’s basketball session. One … Continue reading

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A Bit of Trouble Long, Long Ago, In A Middle School Far Away

I’m guest posting at Jon Stolpe Stretched today. Check out “The Kid Stretches Me.” *** Long, long ago, in a middle school far away, a minor injury became a major problem. I cut my finger. (That is minor. Yes, I … Continue reading

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It Sounded So Simple Until I Got Distracted

In a sermon, my pastor friend Chuck asked, “What distracts you from keeping the main thing the main thing?” To be honest, the list grows long. I’m distracted by … … curiosity and questions … What’s the musical lineup on … Continue reading

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What Is Jesus Doing and Where Is He Doing It?

This is quick and simple. I’m curious as to what you’ll write. Think of Jesus in Scripture. What is He doing? Where is He doing it? I’m going to leave my answer in the comment section but here’s a hint. … Continue reading

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