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“I don’t need the blood of any man to save me.” I’ll elucidate on that statement in a moment but let me share a story first. Years ago, two men studied at a seminary (one more so than the other). … Continue reading

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Expect to Take Action on What You Hear

No music. No story. No headphones strapped to my noggin. I had forgotten to pack the iPod for my daily constitutional (i.e., walk with my thieving hound dog), and my forgetfulness left me with loads of uninterrupted thought time. The … Continue reading

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When Does Inspiration Come?

This week there will be loads of marvelous articles on being thankful. This is not one of them. Anything involving rhythm or great timing pretty much catapults me out of contention. My baseball career ended my sophomore year. I couldn’t … Continue reading

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Church People vs. Kingdom People

Who do you think God has a bigger problem with—priests or prostitutes? The religious or the sacrilegious? What I actually want to know is this. Back in the day (i.e. first century Jerusalem), who do you figure had a bigger … Continue reading

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Had an Oh-Wow! Moment Lately?

My friend Tom had an Oh-wow! moment this morning during a basketball game. You recognize those moments in life. Perhaps you’ve experienced them. I did on Monday morning. Friend Tom did this morning. An Oh-wow! moment is when you do … Continue reading

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3 Gifts of Encouragement

Sometimes you run across good stuff you want to share with others. These two videos and one article, in my humble opinion, will do two things for you. First of all, here are things you cannot expect these things to … Continue reading

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3 Worship Lessons from a Marching Band

A simple Sports Illustrated mention aroused curiosity. A search of YouTube found the video in question. I watched. I laughed (and, if you watch, you’ll know exactly where). I thought about how this relates to Christian community. 1) Practice makes … Continue reading

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